Tracey Chapman – Fast Car

the meaning of this video is something else to me, the story behind this song and how it has become something truly inspiring to me is this: (prepare yourself its a bit graphic) my dad at the age of 21 woke up one morning bright and early to go on his training course with his best friend who lived across the hall from him in a high rise block of flats. dad knocked on his door many times but there was no reply, then rang the house phone(note there wasn’t any mobile phones in those days) there was still no reply. so off he went to the training course, upon his return home he still couldnt get his friend to answer the door, so asked his friends mother to come down with the spare key. as they opened the door they saw him lying on his bed with an empty heroin needle in his arm and the track that was in the record player was Tracey Chapman – Fast Car.


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